Extension reFORM and LYCEUM projects

Due to the coronavirus all meetings in 2020 are postponed. 
Brussels has officially approved the extension of both our youth project (Lyceum) and our adult project (reFORM). Yeah! 

The end date for LYCEUM is now December 2021 and for reFORM it is March 2023. 
With the approval of the extension of the projects it was possible to reschedule the 2020 meetings. 

The LYCEUM meetings in 2021 will be: 

  • Cashel 27-30 May 2021 
  • Bienvenida 8-12 July 2021 
  • Ockelbo 26-29 August 2021. 

The reFORM meetings in 2021 will be: 

  • Esch 12-16 May 2021 (small-meeting)
  • Bienvenida 8-12 July 
  • Tisno 30 sep-3 oct 2021.
    *All meetings are under the precondition that the coronavirus is contained in 2021 and there are (regular) passenger flights to and from these destinations. 

New dates Annual (summer) meetings 

Due to the coronavirus it was also necessary to reschedule the Annual meetings which were already planned until 2023.
Last month we were supposed to meet in beautiful Bienvenida in Spain. 

Fortunately all the preparations made by locals are not in vain. 
In 2021 we will meet there from 8-12 July. 

The other annual meetings are: 
2022: Ibănești, Romania
2023: Tisno, Croatia (celebration of 10 years as an EU member) 
2024: Nagycenk, Hungary

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